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“Mini/Micro LED direct display comfort Evaluation Method “

Proposed and co-authored by the China Institute of Standardization, a professional institution, Shenzhen lighting and display engineering industry Association organized Liad, Pass standard, Mirui, Carlette, strong giant color, Jufei, Hisense, joint construction, crystal, Huike, vision, Jingtai, Baolene and other enterprises and other professional institutions jointly drafted the “Mini/Micro LED direct display comfort Evaluation Method group standard will be officially implemented on December 31, 2023.


This standard is one of the output tasks of the key special “Mini/Micro LED direct display NQI Key Technology Integration Application Demonstration” under the National Quality Infrastructure System (NQI) key research and development program of the National Ministry of Science and Technology, and evaluates the Mini/Micro LED direct display from the perspective of comfort. It is one of the methods to measure the level of product quality.


At the Mini LED/Micro LED Display Application Technology Summit held on December 15, 2023, the outstanding participating units will be commended, and the person in charge of the enterprise must attend the awarding ceremony in formal dress.



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